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Utilizing Campus Resources

Updated: Feb 28

Overview of Academic Assistance, Study Materials, Counseling Services and Wellness Programs Available to Support Students' Mental and Physical Needs

Juggling coursework with personal responsibilities can feel overwhelming. Luckily, USchool provides a comprehensive suite of online resources through their Learning Resources Centre and Student Support Centre to promote holistic student development and success.

Academic Assistance and Study Materials

Through its Learning Resources Centre, USchool offers various tools to reinforce understanding beyond the core curriculum. The center provides self-paced lessons, workshops and video tutorials on diverse topics led by expert instructors. Students can access materials anytime through a organized digital classroom platform. Additionally, the center curates a collection of study tips, time management strategies, note-taking guides and exam preparation resources tailored to various learning styles and paces. Regularly utilizing these additional resources helps strengthen comprehension and retention.

Counseling Services

The Student Support Centre understands academic pressure alone can impact mental wellbeing. Its counseling program connects students confidentially with trained advisors, support groups and mental health information. Individualized coaching addresses issues through therapeutic strategies while workshops cover common topics like stress management and communication skills. Relationship challenges, family concerns, health issues or campus life adjustments that may distract from studies can be processed through empathetic guidance. This holistic support nurtures resilience even when juggling responsibilities feels overwhelming.

Health and Wellness Programs

Maintaining good physical and emotional health directly impacts learning potential and quality of life. The Student Support Centre partners with medical professionals to provide virtual wellness resources including health consultations, illness advice, nutrition counseling and injury prevention education. Referrals are also available for comprehensive services or specialized assistance. Additionally, the center organizes fitness classes, mindfulness activities and intramural clubs to promote relaxation and balanced lifestyles essential for thriving under academic demands.

Enrichment Programs and Communities

The Learning Resources Centre curates additional forums, discussion boards, language exchange clubs and interest groups and communities centered around social, cultural, artistic or leadership development to nourish well-rounded growth beyond academics alone. From book clubs and cooking workshops to volunteering opportunities and campus organizations, these activities cultivate inspiration, connectivity and creativity through shared virtual spaces. Students may also propose new programs or events.

Navigation Support

USchool’s integrated online centers aim to optimize access regardless of schedules or backgrounds. Individualized consultations help map preferable Center programs addressing personal barriers or skills focus areas. Special consideration is made sensitively for various learning profiles or needs through reasonable accommodation adjustments promoting equitable opportunities. Community partnership strengthens care available to all individuals desiring education through a collaborative, compassionate approach emphasizing each person’s inherent potential and dreams.


By effectively coordinating academic guidance and wellness resources through a centralized yet personalized virtual hub, USchool empowers students as proactive participants in their holistic development. Individualized wellness planning cultivates self-advocacy and life skills supporting educational achievement and quality of life both during school and beyond. The university’s integrated systemic support reflects understanding that diverse challenges requiring multipronged care impact learning journeys. Overall, utilization of available resources establishes a solid foundation for thriving now and in future endeavors.


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