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Student Review | Voyage Verbal - A Language Adventure for Family-Oriented Travelers

Updated: Apr 10

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Voyage Verbal language course through USchool. The content was highly engaging and practical for anyone looking to enhance their communication skills for family travel.

The modules provided a great introduction to key considerations for coordinating multigenerational trips, from understanding travel providers to catering to different needs and interests. I found the lessons on navigating theme parks and family destinations particularly useful. The instructor gave many real-world examples and tips.

Where I really saw progress was in the cultural immersion module. I felt much more confident interacting with locals and asking questions about history, traditions and events after completing the interactive activities. The assessments throughout helped gauge my learning.

As someone who takes international trips with aging parents, being able to seamlessly coordinate logistics and explore cultural activities together is so important. I can already see how the communication skills from this course will benefit our future excursions.

The final project of designing a travel itinerary allowed me to creatively apply everything I'd learned. I loved the flexibility to focus on a destination of my choosing too. Overall, Voyage Verbal gave me practical tools that will truly enhance my family travel experiences. I'd highly recommend it!

Raymond Tang


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